Hoist Rings

Swivel Hoist Rings

Are you still using standard eye bolts for lifting? Let the experts at Slings Unlimited help you replace those eye bolts with a much safer alternative, Swivel Hoist Rings. Designed for the 99% of picks where the lift angle isn’t exactly 90 degree. These devices are load-centering and rotate in the direction of the pull, providing a safer lift.

RUD Chain offers several unique load rings but perhaps the most common is their StarPoint, or swivel eye bolt. The StarPoint is a more cost effective alternative. It resembles a traditional eye bolt yet functions the same as a swivel hoist ring. It is designed to be loaded in any direction and the indicated load rating is for the worse case scenario. RUD also has the new ACP-Turnado which sets new standards for the safe lifting of valuable loads. You can learn more about RUD Swivel Hoist Rings in our Learning Center.

Actek Swivel Hoist Rings are made in the USA! They come in either metric or imperial thread sizes and are available in either alloy or stainless steel.

Halder Self-locking Lifting Pins are for those specialty applications when typical swivel load rings just won’t work. They require no threads and are virtually effortless to use. These can be found in industries ranging from wind power to aviation. Halder lifting pins are available in corrosion-resistant, heat treated steel or precipitation-hardened stainless steel.

Custom swivel hoist rings are also available. So if you don’t see the hoist ring that’s right for your application, visit our Contact Us page to get customized quote. You can also send an e-mail to info@slingsunlimited.com.