1/2″ X 20′ Wire Rope Choker w/Standard Eyes


Capacity in Tons:
2.5 Vertical
1.9 Choke
5.1 Basket



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1/2″ X 20′ Wire Rope Choker w/Standard Eyes

1/2″ IWRC EIPS Wire Rope Choker X 20 Feet w/Standard Eyes

The single leg wire rope sling with soft eyes at each end is a best selling style.  It can be used in a range of hitches and angles including vertical, choker and basket. Manufactured with mechanical Flemish eye splicing for excellent efficiency and strength. These are the best options for rigging and lifting applications that require heavy-duty slings that are abrasion-resistant but still flexible.  Wire rope slings are popular where a variety of heavy loads and rugged conditions exist like construction, automotive, oil & gas, steel mills, forging facilities and general manufacturing industries.

The Design Factor for wire rope slings is a 5:1 ratio, meaning the breaking strength of the sling is five times higher than the rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L). Per the Wire Rope Users Manual, a design factor is necessary to allow for conditions such as wear, abrasion, damage, and variations in loads which are not readily apparent. Although wire rope slings have a design factor, the user should never exceed the rated Working Load Limit.

All of our single leg eye and eye slings include an attached metal tag displaying capacity, care, and instruction.

Slings Unlimited strives to manufacture and sell the highest quality rigging and safety gear.  However, use of the gear is dangerous if not used correctly by competent trained professionals. Misuse of the rigging and safety gear can result in serious injury up to and including loss of life. Slings Unlimited disclaims any liability resulting from the misuse of its rigging and safety gear.

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