Rigging Tree Cradles

Rigging Tree Cradle

The Rigging Tree cradle is the next generation of rigging stowage device. They are the safest and easiest way to stow your slings, especially the big ones! These PATENTED stowage devices offer a HANDS-FREE method of getting rigging on and off the crane hook! No longer will your employees be subjected to dangerous pinch points from the typical rebar peg sling stand, nor will they have to wrestle heavy rigging off the crane hook.

Rigging Tree cradles are laser cut from 1/4”, hot rolled, A1018 GR50 steel. The neon safety green powder coating is not only durable but makes the Rigging Tree™ cradle highly visible, regardless of condition or environment.

If you’re looking a user-friendly, durable and effective rigging storage solution, look no further than the patented, Rigging Tree™ cradle! Click here to visit our YouTube channel to see this product being utilized.