Shackles are a critical component in every rigging tool box. There are numerous types available, from screw pin anchor to bolt type chain to wide body shackles. There are also just as many different manufacturers and countries of origin. Slings Unlimited chose only the best manufacturers and the most common types and sizes to feature on our website.

Just like with our slings, we have USA made shackles too! The domestic brand we choose to offer is Columbus McKinnon (CM). Their line of Super Strong carbon shackles cannot be matched for strength, safety and price. They offer an industry best 6:1 safety factor, while providing a greater working load limit (WLL) than others the same size.

As much as we like to promote American made products, we understand they won’t fit into everyone’s budget. The is why Slings Unlimited offers the Van Beest (aka; Green Pin) brand of imported shackles. These are European made and, while they are less expense than other brands, they meet all the same standards as outlined ASME B30.26.

We primarily stock galvanized finished shackles, although painted are available. If you don’t see the size or type you’re looking for, click on our Contact Us page or send us an e-mail and ask for a competitive quote.

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