3 ply – 4″ x 6′ – Twisted Eye & Eye Nylon Sling


Capacity in Pounds:
16,000 Vertical
12,800 Choke
32,000 Basket



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EET3 804 X 6′ Twisted Eye & Eye Nylon Sling

3 Ply 4 Inch X 6 Feet, Eye & Eye Nylon Sling w/Twisted Eyes

Nylon is the most commonly used sling because of its general purpose as a synthetic web sling. Nylon Slings are lightweight, flexible, and relatively soft.  They are suitable in applications were minimal damage to the load’s surface finish is important. Nylon Slings are adaptable for use as a vertical, choker, or basket hitch used in rigging, general purpose overhead lifting, crane hoisting, and material handling.

Type 4 sling is often referred to as the twisted eye & eye (TEE) sling. Twisted eye & eye nylon lifting slings have eyes on each end and are identical to the type 3 sling, but the loops have a twisted design, which creates a right angle to the body of the sling. This twist allows the sling to fit more snug against crane hooks. When using the basket hitch arrangement, the two rotated eyes join compactly. While this twisted eye sling works well with a basket hitch and vertical hitch, it’s most suitable for use with choker hitches.

Top Quality Nylon Slings

The Slings Unlimited 3 ply – 4″ x 6′ – Twisted Eye & Eye Nylon Sling is made right here in the USA!  Not only that, it is made with top quality, heavy duty, 9,800 pound per square inch American made nylon webbing. Each of our nylon slings are sewn to exact specifications. They are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards outlined in ASME B30.9. We don’t skimp on the tags either. Each nylon sling comes standard with a high performance and easily readable tag. It outperforms any vinyl or leather tag, in every environment, in every condition, every time.

The Slings Unlimited Nylon Sling Builder gives you the ability to create the type of lifting sling best suited for your application. It’s as easy as choosing the type of sling (endless or eye & eye), the type of eye (either twisted or flat), the number of plies (layers), the width and the length. We stock standard widths of 1″ to 12″ and lengths up to 20′.

We’re here to help! If you can’t find your specific sling, let us know. Custom nylon slings are also available. So if you’re lifting a boat or a paper machine roll and need 24″ – 36″ wide slings, or if you require a 50 foot long sling, visit our Contact Us page to get customized quote!

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Weight 5.79 lbs
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