Chain Sling – 2 Leg – 1″ X 10′ – Grade 100 DOSA


Capacity in Pounds:
103,400 @ 60 Degrees
84,400 @ 45 Degrees
59,700 @ 30 Degrees



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Chain Sling – 2 Leg – 1″ X 10′ – Grade 100 with Sling Hooks – Adjustable

Incorporates an oblong master link, (2) two chains, and (2) two latched sling hooks on the ends. Latching hooks allow you to quickly release a load. Chain and components are made from grade 100 alloy steel for greater strength. Components are mechanically assembled. Great for lifts with two pick points for greater load stability.

Adjusters added to the sling allow for easy take-up of the chain leg when applications require shorter lengths. It is useful for lifting objects of abnormal size or objects that are off-center of gravity.

  • Chain Diameter: 1″
  • Type: Double Leg
  • Material:  Grade 100 Alloy Steel
  • Length:  10 Ft.
  • Hook Type: Sling Hook
  • Industry type designation: DOSA chain sling
  • Product Weight: 397 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: @ 60º (lbs) – 103,400
  • Working Load Limit:@ 45º (lbs) – 84,400
  • Working Load Limit:@ 30º (lbs) – 59,700

Of all the different types of slings available, Chain Slings are the most durable. Ideal for harsh environments like mills or foundries and is resistant against a load’s sharp edges that can abrade softer materials.  At Slings Unlimited, we use only the best American made, grade 100 chain and top quality, European fittings. Each chain sling is made to order and is fabricated to exact specifications. They are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards outlined in ASME B30.9. We don’t skimp on the tags either. Every Slings Unlimited chain sling comes standard with a 1/4″ thick, aluminum easily readable tag that indicates chain size, length, Working Load Limit and serial number.

The Slings Unlimited Chain Sling Builder gives you the ability to build the type of chain sling best suited for your application. It’s as easy as choosing the size of chain (9/32″, 3/8″, 1/2″, etc.), the number of legs (1, 2, 3 or 4), the type of end fittings (hooks) and the length. You can even choose to make the sling length adjustable!

We are here to help! If you can’t find the specific chain sling to meet your needs, let us know. Custom chain slings are also available. Visit our Contact Us page to get customized quote!

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Weight 397.05 lbs

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