Endless Polyester Round Lifting Sling – Red – 10 Feet


Capacity in Pounds:
14,000 Vertical
11,200 Choke
28,000 Basket



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Endless Polyester Round Lifting Sling – Red – 10 Feet

SP-1400X10 Red Polyester Round Sling

Polyester slings are an easy to handle as well as strong sling with a low stretch value.  Compared to wire rope and chain, they are lighter and as a result are lower cost to ship. The Endless Polyester Round Lifting Sling’s low moisture absorption also makes it  resistant to rot and mildew.  Therefore they are a good choice for ship haulers or those working in marine environments. Since they are softer, they can hug load surfaces better. These are not recommended if you are working with ethers or alkalis.

High Capacity Polyester Round Slings

 The Slings Unlimited, Endless Polyester Round Lifting Sling –Red – 10 Feet is a high capacity, polyester round sling made in the USA! We use premium, American made polyester fibers to obtain greater capacities than that of typical round slings. Our round slings are made with two abrasion resistant and color coded jackets (one inner jacket & one outer jacket). It’s these jackets that protect the load-bearing, yarn fibers from oil, grime and other contaminates. They are made to exact specifications and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards outlined in ASME B30.9. We use the same high performance and easily readable tags on these polyester round slings as we do on our nylon flat slings.

We’re here to help! If you can’t find your specific polyester round sling, let us know. Custom round slings are available. If you need a round sling bridle, one that’s super long or maybe you need one with a unique capacity, visit our Contact Us page to get personalized quote!

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Weight 10 lbs
Polyester round sling vertical capacity