VLBS Weld-On Load Ring – 4 Ton Capacity


Working Load Limit (WLL)
Capacity in Tons: 4 ton/8,800 lb



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RUD 4 ton Weld-On Load Ring

RUD‰’s VLBS load rings offer 100% electromagnetic crack detection.  Made out of heat-treated, high-tensile chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel with 2 patented inner supporting lugs. The optimized support shape at the suspension ring enables a strong support at loads 90 degrees to the plane of the eye. A protected spring keeps the ring bracket in every required position, and also reduces vibration induced noise.

The VLBS load rings allow a full pivot of 180 degrees from the weld point. It makes lifting and lowering of loads an easy process, diminishing concern of tilting and uneven weight distribution of loads.

A major advantage of the VLBS load rings are that they offer a higher working load limit of up to 50% stronger than previous models. It gives customers a greater degree of confidence and accuracy in lifts.  Definitely a deciding factor when considering safety and accuracy of lifts.

The VLBS load rings are coated with a heat sensitive paint, unique to RUD‰’s VIP range of lifting equipment. The heat sensitive paint on the load ring will change color once it has reached temperatures above (200 degrees C). The change in color allows you to monitor your load rings ensuring they are safe and working effectively. Extreme heat can reduce the working load limit; therefore the heat sensitive paint enables you to make assured decisions on future lifts, a must have indicator for heat sensitive working environments.

  • Working Load Limit: 4 ton/8,800 lb
  • Product Weight: 1.67 lbs.
  • Mounting Style: Weld-On
  • Pivot: 180 degrees
  • Bail Diameter: 1-17/64 in
  • Manufacturer Name: RUD
  • Returns: This item cannot be returned due to safety risks.

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Weight 1.67 lbs