M8 ACP-Turnado – 1,540 lb Capacity


Working Load Limit (WLL)
Capacity in Tons: .7 ton/1,540 lb



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RUD M8 ACP-Turnado

RUD M8 ACP-Turnado

The RUD ACP-TURNADO sets new standards for the safe lifting of valuable loads. Since every application has special requirements, RUD has developed three different designs for the RUD ACP-TURNADO. Each of them is perfectly adapted to a defined WLL range and specific requirements. Thanks to its innovative spring mechanism, its lift bail immediately turns into the load direction when the load is lifted, so it cannot remain vertical. Dangerous transverse loads and a sudden drop of the load by sudden turning into the load direction are therefore impossible.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO stands up to every comparison. It is considerably ahead of many others at decisive points. It excels with up to 30 % higher load-bearing capacity compared to lifting points from other suppliers which are comparable in terms of design and size. This provides you with considerable reserves in the maximum WLL for all load weights as well as noticeable handling advantages.

Common Features

The common features of all the ACP-Turnado designs are an innovative spring mechanism which prevents the lift bail from stopping with transverse load. Swivel joint in the lifting ring axis. Wear lenses for checking discard criteria. Integrated RFID transponder to make checks easier. Safety factor of 4:1. Meets and exceeds the requirements of the American standard ASME B30.26.

Like many other RUD products, all versions of the RUD ACP-TURNADO have an integrated RUD ID-POINT® RFID transponder by default. This allows every lifting point to be identified during the prescribed equipment tests in a simple, unmistakable, and legally certain manner. In connection with the RUD BLUE-ID SYSTEM consisting of transponders, readers, and software, your daily work will be easier, and you will save a significant amount of money. Using one of our readers or a smart phone with NFC capability, you transmit the transponder data for the inspection wirelessly to the connected software or app. Your entire testing process becomes easier, faster, and more reliable.

Specific Features

Specific features of the ACP-Turnado M8 are the Innovative exterior spring mechanism which prevents vertical stopping of the lift bail.  A round lift bail so that no clinking is possible.  A combination head threaded rod with internal and external hexagon for optimized handling; up to M24 as RUD ICE-BOLT.

  • Working Load Limit: 0.7 tons/1,540 lb
  • Product Weight: .79 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Name: RUD
  • Returns: This item cannot be returned due to safety risks.

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Weight .79 lbs